Usage of elementary OS Daily in LXD Container

Daily LXD Container usage for elementary OS Desktop development.


Basic Management

See the Container Cheatsheet for commands on basic management.

Jump into Container

lxc exec daily -- sudo --login --user elementary

Start Code from Container

lxc exec daily -- sudo --login --user elementary io.elementary.code

Remember, if you get an error similar to the following:

(io.elementary.code:10031): Gtk-WARNING **: 09:10:55.250: cannot open display: :0

You’ll need to allow usage of display :0 to the container by executing the following command. You can automate this by adding it as Custom Command to System Settings > Applications > Startup:

xhost +local:

If you keep getting the error, try to restart the daily container:

lxc restart daily

Enable Vala debug messages

Set the environment variable G_MESSAGES_DEBUG:

lxc exec daily -- sudo --login --user elementary

elementary@daily:~$ vi ~/.profile
export G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all    # add this line at the end of the file